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Who can use RWI

The Prosperity Index has been developed as a practical tool to help identify what specific action needs to be taken to contribute to strengthening the pathways from poverty to prosperity and to provide a roadmap as nations chart their way through and out of the pandemic. The Index consists of 4 pillars of prosperity, built upon 21 actionable policy areas (subpillars), and is underpinned by 184 indicators.

It is a powerful tool for policymakers, social service providers, researchers, and anyone interested in understanding and improving social welfare outcomes.

So, who can use the Reframing Welfare Index? The answer is simple: anyone. The Index is designed to be accessible and useful to a wide range of users, including:


The Index can help policymakers better understand the social welfare needs of their communities and identify areas where resources are needed most. By tracking social welfare outcomes over time, policymakers can evaluate the impact of policy interventions and make data-driven decisions about resource allocation.

Social Service Providers:

The Index can help social service providers identify areas where their services are most needed and evaluate the effectiveness of their programs. By tracking social welfare outcomes, service providers can make data-driven decisions about program design and resource allocation.


The Index can be used by researchers to better understand social welfare outcomes and trends over time. By analyzing the Index data, researchers can identify areas where further research is needed and make data-driven recommendations for policy interventions.

Advocates and Activists:

The Index can be used by advocates and activists to raise awareness about social welfare issues and advocate for policy change. By highlighting areas of social welfare need, advocates and activists can build support for policy interventions and mobilize action.

The Reframing Welfare Index is a valuable resource for anyone interested in improving social welfare outcomes. It is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, with interactive dashboards and clear visualizations of data. Users can explore the data at a national, state, and county level and compare outcomes across different demographic groups.

To use the Index, simply visit the Reframing Welfare Index website and explore the dashboards and visualizations. The website provides clear explanations of the data and how to interpret it, as well as guidance on how to use the data for policy and advocacy purposes.

In conclusion, the Reframing Welfare Index is a powerful tool for understanding and improving social welfare outcomes. Anyone can use the Index, regardless of their background or expertise. By making the Index accessible and user-friendly, the creators of the Index hope to empower individuals and organizations to make data-driven decisions and advocate for positive change.


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