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Frequently Asked Questions

+  What is the Reframing Welfare Index?

The Reframing Welfare Index is a framework that provides a unique insight into how welfare is forming and changing across the European Union and within its regions. It is an annual ranking of 29 countries and 243 regions, which together contain 99.7% of the Europe’s population. It uses 184 country-level indicators, grouped into 21 policy-focused elements across 4 pillars, to measure the current state of welfare in these countries and how it has changed over the past decade.

+  What is the purpose of the Index?

The Reframing Welfare Index has been purposefully designed to be a transformational tool, and our ambition is that leaders around the world use it to help set their agendas for growth and development, and also enable others to hold them to account.

+  How to use and reference the Index?

We would be delighted if you used and shared the Index findings on social media and in other formats such as articles, blog posts, and presentations. When doing so, please reference the Reframing Welfare Index as your source and, where possible, link back to this website and the Index Methodology. Our preferred format for citations is: “Source:XXXX”. If you are referencing specific indicators used in the Index, please refer to the primary source and include a footnote or similar to highlight that this was taken from RWI. Further information on this can be found in the Terms of Use section.

+  Can I see the actual data used?

RWI contains over 180 indicators from multiple sources around the world. For details please see the Methodology section. All data are properly referenced and cited and whenever there are no legal restrictions to sharing original data, a link is provided.

+  How can I find out more details about the Index?

We are always happy to answer questions about the Reframing Welfare Index and to provide more detail on specific enquiries. Please contact us by e-mail on XXXX or by phone +XXXX.


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