Reframing Welfare Index, first launched in 2022, is a set of composite welfare indicators developed by KMOP Policy Centre and Ethos Lab aiming to measure and assess regional welfare disparities in Europe. 

Social and individual welfare is more than just material wealth at the individual and social levels. It is a holistic aspiration of modern societies that reaches into the social, economic, political, financial, cultural, and environmental character of a society that allows all individuals to realise their full potential in a fair and just way.

Such a composite and complex notion is extremely hard to capture in a holistic way into a universal linear metric. Welfare is multifaceted, heterogeneous across time and space and non-linear. To capture this multidimensional concept, we propose a new composite index that seeks to explore, understand, measure, and reframe welfare; the Reframing Welfare Index (RWI). The proposed RWI addresses both normative and methodological issues that previous metrics lack, aiming at a holistic and robust measure of welfare.

Our Team

Prof. Pyrros Papadimitriou
Director of KMOP Policy Center,
Associate Professor, University of the Peloponnese

Dr. Georgios Melios
Founder Ethos Lab – Centre for Governance and Sustainability Research

Giorgio Maarraoui (B.Sc, M.A, M.Phil, M.Res)
PhD candidate, University of Manchester

Katerina Taka (M.Res.)
Research Associate KMOP Policy Center

Dr. Eleni Kalfa
Research Associate KMOP Policy Center